Monday, June 2, 2008

Going Green

Going green is a term being used a lot in the United States lately. It is
becoming more and more common and is for a good cause. This is something
everyone should try to do to help our environment and the earth. I am trying to
become greener by using the green bags at Wal-Mart and Kroger instead of the
plastic bags. I am also trying to recycle as much as I can and I am trying to teach
my daughter to do the same, I know she is only two years old but if we teach
them now then they will automatically know to do it. Everyone needs to do
something to try to stop global warming and to better our earth. This is the only
earth we have and we can not make a new one once it is gone; people need to
remember that.

I have a two year old little girl and I want her to have a good life, and be
able to see things that I have seen. If things keep going the way they are she
won’t get to experience half of the things I have because they won’t be around. I
want her to be able to go to Alaska and see the icebergs if she wants too, but I
don’t know if she will be able to because they are melting so fast. I want her to be
able to see exotic fish and animals, but slowly, but surely, they are dying off. We
can prevent this from happening if we change certain things we do, but
Americans in general are stubborn people. And it isn’t just the Americans doing
this it is the whole earth doing it. But the United States is a huge factor in global
warming. But the United States is going greener, more and more people are
starting to do more to go green.

More people are buying Hybrid cars, which is help out very much. I wish I
could afford a hybrid car because I would defiantly own one, but I am saving my
money for one and plan on getting one in the future. My boyfriends’ brother has a
hybrid and gets like fifty miles per gallon of gas, could you imagine not having to
buy gas but once every other week at the prices gas is now. Think of how much
money we could all save if we bought one. But if you live in a big city and own a
bike this is another way to contribute, if you do not have to drive your car don’t.
Try biking places close to your house instead of driving there or you could walk,
or even take the bus. And this also helps you buy exercising. I walk with my
daughter all the time and want her to not always rely on having transportation,
plus she loves to look at everything and ask questions. It may be easier to take
your car to the gas station to get a pop, but if it is only a block try walking or
biking to help the environment. In Lexington there are buses everywhere, try
taking the bus downtown instead of driving your car. I can’t do this because I live
in the country in Jessamine County, but I would if I lived in Lexington. There are
many ways to contribute to going green and try to stop global warming from
getting worse.

There are tons of websites on going greener. And there are tons of
websites on global warming and on how to contribute to helping the earth from
getting worse. In my opinion, global warming and going green go hand in hand,
by doing once you contribute to another. I do not want my daughter to grow up
wondering what the world will be like when she is in her twenty’s; I want her to
have a normal life. I do not want her to grow up polluting or destroying the earth, I
want her to know about it, enjoy it, and know how to make it better. Who knows
we might go back to the pioneer ways if the world keeps getting worse, because
no one will be able to afford the prices of anything. So take the time to Google
going greener, or global warming see if you can make a difference by choosing
to recycle; or plant you own garden.

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